The Anna Julia Cooper Center produces original research, supports the research of affiliated scholars, and partners with community based organizations to facilitate research efforts. 

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Crooked Room Stories

IWES: INstitute for Women and Ethnic Studies 

Founded in 1993, the Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies (IWES) is a national non-profit health organization domiciled in New Orleans. Many people of color and their families in the Greater New Orleans area do not have access to programs that address their full mental, emotional and physical health. This prevents people in our city from living fully healthy lives and weakens our communities. Because of this, IWES works with communities, schools, individuals and organizations to provide tailored health and wellness services that address this lack of health options and access. We combine advocacy, health education, research and direct services to improve wellness in local communities. In 2013, The Anna Julia Cooper Project partnered with IWES to support their research and production of Crooked Room Stories. 


Race and  Trauma 



DiaperS and COmmunities

DIaper Bank of North Carolina 

The Diaper Bank of North Carolina provides a supplemental supply of free disposable diapers, baby wipes, and diaper rash cream to low-income families. Rather than providing the diapers directly to families in need, the diaper bank formed partnerships with service-providing community-based organizations (CBOs) that distribute the diapers to their own clients. This study is a first of its kind research study. Key findings demonstrate the provision of diaper bank diapers allowed CBOs to assist families in meeting a basic need while: (1) positively impacting their organization and program budgets, (2) enhancing communication with clients, (3) improving program retention, (4) teaching problem solving and critical thinking skills, and (5) connecting families with other services.  The Anna Julia Cooper Center assisted Diaper Bank of NC with this research by providing capacity for three years through provision  of space, labor, and leadership to the Greater Piedmont Diaper Bank at a critical time.